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Welcome to Cars85.

I settled in Taiwan from the UK about 20 years ago.

After running a successful American school and trading company, it was time to reward my success with a European premium luxury car.

I visited many local dealerships, but their service wasn't always very good and they often couldn't describe features and functions of their own cars.

Even worse, they couldn't even recommend one of their own cars that would suit my needs. I had to do all the research myself!

So after each visit, I had to go on the Net to fully understand the cars.

It was during this research, that I discovered I could import my own car and save a small fortune.

I did and I saved over $1m!

Many Taiwanese also know you can import your own car cheaply, but they also know that the legalization of the car in Taiwan is *very, very* difficult. There's even a risk that the car could be rendered undrivable here.

So, friends and family asked me to import cars for them. In 2011, Cars85 was born!

Cars85 is unique in Taiwan because we control all 3 key stages:

  • Car selection
  • Car legalization
  • Full after sales service

Our prices are so low that Cars85 now sells to other Taiwan car dealerships.

Need your own beautiful European luxury car?

Send us a quick message and one of our team will contact you to find your perfect car.

What Can You Import?

We specialize in German, UK nd Italy luxury cars such as:

  • Bentley
  • Daimler, Mercedes Benz
  • BMW
  • Porsche
  • Ferrari

Our cars are 100% safe and in fantastic condition and all pass our 3-step quality check. Furthermore, I only sell cars I'm happy for my wife to drive our two daughters in.

If you're looking for a car now and would like us to find the one you want, fill out the form on the right.

Only serious enquiries please. It takes a lot of time, energy and hard work for us to find a suitable car for our clients.

So only contact us if you need a car soon. Besides, prices change every few months, so a casual quote now for a car next year wouldn't be useful.

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Key Questions

How can I import my own car into Taiwan?
It's very difficult importing your own car, that's why you need our help.
How can I save even more money?
Companies that itemize their tax bills can save big time. Find out how...
Do I need a premium car?
Find out the benefits of having a luxury car and why you need one.
Are the cars you get safe?
Yes, 100%! Not only do all of the cars we import conform to Taiwanese safety...

Ask Us a Question

Ask our experts to find the prfect car for you. Include your phone number if you need us to phone you back.

We won't publish/share your name, email or phone with anyone else.

Cars85's Complete 3-Step Service

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Select Your Perfect Car

Tell us the qualities of the car you need and we'll help you select the perfect car to suit your needs through our partners in Europe and the USA.

Import and Registering

We'll ship and import your vehicle. Then we'll do the difficult part for you: registering your vehicle.

After Sales Service

Once you've collected your car, we'll advise how to care for your car and service it correctly.

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